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Interactive PDF and Video

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Berkeley Public Library Interactive Annual Reports


For 2012 and 2013, the Berkeley Public Library switched from a printed report to a fully-digital version. The interactive PDF format we proposed has the benefit of existing as a self-contained document that can be downloaded or emailed. As an additional benefit, digital reports allowed for more photography than the small printed report.

Asthma QuickTake Videos


As part of an effort to bring accessible asthma education to busy school administrators and staff, parents, and others, we worked with California Breathing to develop this series of short informational videos for online posting. We proposed the format and participated in content development, both in terms of visuals and the audio script, and created the animations in Flash. The series continues to expand with additional modules in the works. You can view them here at the new website we designed for SEHAC (Principal Designer Lauren Wohl-Sanchez worked on this project under Impact Assessment, Inc., a contractor to the State of California.)

The Selling Marketing Package Interactive PDF


We designed this interactive PDF for Redwood Pictures to use as a promotional piece for their comedy-horror film, The Selling. Taking advantage of the rich media capabilities of the format as well as its portability, the PDF includes navigation tools, the full-length movie trailer, and a gallery of movie stills. Download the file below, unzip, and view in Acrobat. Note: this is a 9MB file.

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