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Good design takes brains. Both of them.

At Lauren Wohl Design, we know that good design is much more than making something look appealing. Good design takes both left- and right-brain intelligence. We've got the creative side covered, but we also make sure your information is understood by your target audience, your data is accurately and clearly displayed, and whatever we produce for you sails smoothly through production. As a full-service design studio with a focus on educating and informing, we are skilled in reaching audiences across the spectrum—from the highly technical to low literacy. We have decades of experience ensuring that even the most complex information is clear, appropriate for your audience, and accessible, and we serve a range of clients, from state-wide public health agencies to libraries.


No project is too small. Or too big. We’ll handle your fact sheets and postcards with as much care as we do your data-rich report or outreach campaign, taking you from concept and content development through production and dissemination. We can manage all aspects of design, photography, illustration, copy writing and editing, translation, printing, and more.

With a focus on public education and outreach, Lauren Wohl-Sanchez has provided design services for both public agencies and private institutions for over 20 years. Lauren holds bachelor degrees in both Fine Art and Biology and a master's degree in Medical and Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan. Her training in photography and illustration means your image needs are covered without going to additional outside services. When it comes to content development, her strong background in both science and design enables her to understand and communicate complex data and information to a wide range of audiences.


Lauren brings her love of science and education to her projects as well as her visual sensibilities and attention to detail. She's a problem-solver, whether it's how to communicate complex concepts, or get a sticky job through production. 


Lauren Wohl-Sanchez, Principal

Photo: Emily Friend

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