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Illustrations for Report on Community-Based Distribution of Misoprostol in Africa (client: Public Health Institute)


Technical illustration. These illustrations were used to identify key components of four models for the distribution of misoprostol, a drug which can prevent postpartum hemmorhage, the leading cause of maternal mortality in the developing world. Illustrations were based off of reference photos provided by the client.

CDC Africa Cookstove Pilot Project (client: Public Health Institute)


Technical illustration. These technical illustrations were used in a CDC pilot project in Kenya. The objective of the project was to train women to use low-emission cookstoves rather than traditional in-house wood fires, to reduce family exposures to wood smoke. The illustrations were based on reference photos sent from an on-site team. 

Water Runoff Best Practices Cards


Technical illustrations. View a selection of the cards here.

Fish Consumption Advice Postcards


Editorial illustration. 

Shaping Our Legacy UCSF Report


Editorial illustration. View pages from the report here.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Growth Chart


Editorial illustration.

Palos Verdes Shelf Fishing Advisory Poster


Editorial illustration.

Restaurant Best Management Practices Poster


Technical illustration.

Berkeley Public Library Annual Report Cover


Editorial illustration. View this and other Berkeley Public Library annual reports here.

Dioxin Report


Technical illustration.

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